Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Lola's First Day with Her New Daddy

Lola was what you might call an unwanted child in a dysfunctional family. She was my sister-in-law's kid and my sister-in-law, like my wife, was a drunken slut who was totally unfit to be a mother. She was divorced and the guy she divorced wasn't even Lola's father. Lord knows who the real father might have been. After an arrest and facing prison time, my sister-in-law bundled Lola off to live with my in-laws. But after less than a week, my mother-in-law brought Lola to our apartment and dumped her on us. My mother-in-law hadn't been much of a mother herself and now that her own kids were grown up and gone she felt cheated to be stuck with a grand-daughter.
In the meantime, my marriage was pretty much on the rocks. My wife, Gina, was openly fucking a couple other guys, frequently staying out all night, and when she was home would basically just get plastered. I'm probably the most stable one in the family. At least I have a steady job and I'm not an alcoholic or a drug addict. You might wonder why I never divorced my wife. I'm actually attracted to slutty women. I get turned on when Gina comes home late, freshly fucked, drunk, cheap perfume, heavily made up, hair teased. I suck her juicy cunt filled with other men's jism and shoot my load on her ass or her tits depending on whether she passed out face up or face down. But this isn't about Gina (or her mother or sister, both of whom I also sucked and fucked when they were dead drunk); it's about Lola.
Lola came to us at age 12, just on the cusp of puberty. She was a beautiful girl just beginning to turn into a gorgeous young woman. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and the beginnings of blossoming little breasts. She still had a bit of a baby face, a succulent, pouty lower lip, eyes set just slightly wide apart, which made her look trusting, innocent.
Gina made it pretty clear she didn't want Lola staying with us either. The day grandma dumped her at our door, Gina and her mom got in a yelling match, so Lola knew she was coming into hostile territory. After my mother-in-law left, Gina stormed out, probably heading to one of the local bars. So, from the start, it was just Lola and me.
She sat and cried. I made Lola a cup of cocoa and sat with her. We sat and talked. I put my arm around her, and she leaned into my chest. My shirt got soaking wet from the girl's tears. I stroked her hair and tried to cheer her up by joking a bit, but mostly just by telling her how happy I was that she was going to be living with us and how I would take good care of her. We hadn't prepared a room for Lola because we had no advance warning that she was coming, and also because our apartment is actually pretty small. But we had next to our bedroom a smaller bedroom that was actually my "study," which is where I had my computer, a sofa where I often slept, my stereo system, and a small TV and VCR with my collection of porn tapes. I hadn't had time to clear out some of the incriminating stuff in the room, the adult mags, and that sort of thing. But it was the only place she could stay since we had just the two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and kitchen.
I carried her suitcase to her new room. She took one look at my study and burst into tears again. It had stacks of Penthouses and other skin mags lying around. Her eyes got wide when I picked them up. I said, "Didn't you ever see pictures like this before?" I opened up a magazine of a Penthouse pet. "Isn't she beautiful?" I said. "Someday with my help you might look as beautiful as her. You want to look beautiful, don't you?" Lola nodded. "That's good," I said, "because I don't know if your mother or your aunt or your grandma really love you anymore or will take care of you, but if you are pretty for me and we get along well, I'll love you and take good care of you."
We sat together on the sofa, my arm again around her trying to comfort her and promising I would turn my study into a nice girl's bedroom. She brightened a bit and asked if we could keep the TV, computer, and stereo in the room. We had TVs in the bedroom and living room as well--yeah, yeah, typical Americans--two people, three TVs--but now there were three of us, so Gina could watch her soaps, I could watch sports, and Lola could watch whatever the hell kids watch these days. The computer and stereo was a tougher call. Gina had no interest in either, but I really liked my computer porn as well as my music, not to mention a little privacy to beat off in peace. She could see that I was hesitating, and she piped up with, "We could share." I looked into those sweet, trusting eyes looking up at me, and said, "Okay, little Lola, but if we share a computer that means we have to share our secrets."
"What do you mean?" she said.
"Well, the computer has all kinds of stuff, some of it is pretty naughty like those pictures in the magazine, but it can be fun. Sometimes I like to look at naughty things on the computer, so if we shared it you would have to promise not to tell Gina or anyone else. Of course, I would let you see because we would be sharing. Also I would keep your secrets too. I would let you chat with whoever you like on the computer or look at anything you wanted to or play any games as long as I could watch what you were doing to. But I promise I wouldn't tell anyone else. Can you make a promise and keep a secret?" I asked.
"Yes," she said.
"Well, you're going to have to prove it."
"We need to do what's called 'sealing the deal.' We have to do something together with each other that neither of us would want anybody else to know about so we both share the same secret. Okay?"
"Okay," she said.
"It's called, 'sealed with a kiss.' We're going to kiss each other like grown-ups kissing. That way we'll both promise each other that we will both keep our secrets. Okay?"
"Okay." I pulled Lola toward me, tilted her head up to mine, and pressed my lips onto hers. Her eyes were squeezed tight and her lips were clamped shut. I pulled back.
"Lola, that won't do at all. That wasn't a real grown-up kiss. That doesn't even count. I playfully tugged on her fat lower lip with my thumb and forefinger. You need to open your mouth. You also need to relax your face." I stroked her face with my hands. Then I massaged her shoulders. Still holding her, I said, "Let's try this again." This time she softened up, her lips gave way, and I began gently to explore her mouth with my tongue. At the same time my hand behind her neck kept her pressed to me. The kiss lasted for about a minute. "Wasn't that nicer than the last kiss?" I asked. Lola nodded yes. "Do you like kissing?" I asked. She blushed a bit and looked down. "I guess so," she said.
"Would you like to try it again?" I asked.
"Okay." I tilted her chin to me, this time he lips parted even before our lips touched. My tongue again explored her mouth and after a bit her tongue dipped into my mouth as well. The third kiss was even longer and more delicious. We broke the kiss, both panting a bit.
"Okay," I said, "we've sealed the deal with a kiss. Now we have a special secret just between the two of us." I then told her we would try to get her settled in. I opened her suitcase. It was a pretty pathetic sight. This poor girl's total possessions were a bunch of cheap, dirty clothes. "First thing we better do is just dump all this into the washing machine," I said. I showed her how to get a load into the machine, pour in the detergent, and all that. Her entire wardrobe fit into one load of wash. "Let's also get off those dirty clothes off you and get you in the shower at the same time."
I guided her into the bathroom, and turned on the shower and it began steaming up. "Come on, put your hands up in the air," I said. She did so and I took her shirt and pealed it off her body. She immediately covered herself with her arms. "Don't worry, Lola, I'm like a daddy to you now, it's okay." But she got very shy and embarrassed looking, so I decide to take a somewhat stronger tact. "Look, Lola, you're living in my house now, and you're going to have to live by my rules or you won't be allowed to live here anymore. You know if we say you have to leave, the only place left is Norwood School for Girls. That's the place where they send the unwanted girls and also girl criminals and all the bad girls. It's really a jail for girls even though they call it a school. You don't want us to send you there, do you?"
She shook her head, no.
"Okay, then, baby," I knealt down. Let's peal off these dirty old pants and get you in the shower." With that I unzipped her pants and pealed off her pants and underpants. She put one hand down to cover her vulva the other still across her chest. I spun her around, "Now let's get you in the shower." I gave her cute little bare bottom a pat. I closed the frosted glass door but stayed on the other side watching her. She just stood there and began crying again. "Now, now," I said. "There's no reason to cry. Gina's got some really sweet body wash and shampoo. I want you all fresh and pretty and clean." I squeezed some body wash onto one of those squishy things and reached my hand into the shower and started soaping up her back. "Here you go," I said handing it to her. Lola then continued with her front, but with her back turned to me. I then gathered up her dirty things from the floor, left the bathroom and put them in the load of wash. When she finished her shower, though, that left her with no clothes. She wrapped herself in a towel. "Uncle Joe," she said. "I don't have any clothes."
"Lola, when it's just the two of us together or if we're out with strangers, I want you to call me Daddy because I'll be like a daddy to you now. Only call me Uncle Joe when you're around Aunt Gina, Grandma, or your mom. Okay?" She looked down and mumbled, but I kept coaxing her to call me daddy, and finally I got her to say, "Daddy, I don't have any clothes."
"Okay, baby doll, let's see what we can do. So I took her into our bedroom and I found one of Gina's nighties, a sheer, silky wisp of a thing. "We'll just put you in this until your clothes are out of the dryer," I said. I put her in the nightie and then gazed down at her. "Lola, you look so pretty in that, I'm going to buy you some pretty clothes of your own so you will look pretty and sexy for me." I got out Gina's hair dryer and dried and fluffed Lola's hair. Then I encouraged Lola to try to put on some of Gina's make up, some lipstick, eye shadow. She looked gorgeous. She still had the little girl innocence but with make up and sitting in a see-through negligee I could see that she had great slut potential written all over her face and body.
I took her in the kitchen and fixed her some dinner, the whole time putting her at ease asking her about her favorite foods, likes and dislikes, that sort of thing. She probably didn't notice the great view I was getting of her pointy little nipples through Gina's nightgown as she chattered on about favorite breakfast cereals.
We took the warm load of laundry up to her room to square away space to put her clothes away. It gave me a chance also to inventory what she had. Basically everything needed to be replaced. I promised to buy her some new clothes, and her face really lighted up. I told her that I wanted to see her in pretty things and that I would also like to pick some sexy things for her to wear. She seemed very happy at the prospect.
We got into the car and as we drove on our errands, I rested my hand on her little girl thigh. I would give her little squeezes or strokes as we chatted and I drove. We indeed had a nice shopping trip. She got really excited when I took her to the dollar store and gave her $10 to spend on whatever she would like if I could spend my own $10 on whatever I would like. She liked that deal. She got herself some toys. I used my $10 to buy her lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadow and I had Lola help to pick out colors she liked. There was a mirror in the store, and I got her to put on some more lipstick and eye shadow on top of what she had already put on back at the apartment.
Next we went clothes shopping at the mall. I reminded Lola to call me Daddy around the sales people. I loved shopping in the Junior's section. We settled on a few things including a tiny little denim mini skirt, a few skimpy knit shirts that leave the midriff bare, and some low slung hip hugging jeans. I hardly had to prompt Lola to buy my favorite panties--tiny little thongs, which she was thrilled to be wearing, as she thought her old cotton panties were hopelessly kiddie. Instead of the mostly matronly sales ladies, I found a sales girl who was a teenager herself who looked a bit on the slut-goth side to help us out. She didn't blink one of her blackened eyes at our purchases. So I decided to go for it, and buy Lola a sexy nightgown too. I found the smallest, silky see-through I could find, a baby doll, and added it to the pile of purchases. At this point even the goth sales girl caught on and gave me a look, she then looked down at Lola, made a smirk, and rang up the order. I paid in cash.
I got Lola to wear the mini skirt and one of the tight little knit blouses out of the store. We then went shoe shopping. I bought Lola her first heels. She wobbled a bit, but pretty soon got the hang of it, and looked absolutely devastatingly sexy in her mini skirt and heels. I think some of the people in the shopping mall were a bit scandalized at the look of this little girl looking like such a slut with the heavy make up, mini skirt, and high heels walking hand in hand with a man. I decided it was time to get out of there.
Lola was in seventh heaven. She had never gotten so many things in one day. It was like Christmas, her birthday, and Valentine's Day wrapped up in one. We got a video from the video store. I helped her to pick Blue Lagoon, a sexy teenie bopper movie with Brooke Shields. The last stop I made was to the liquor store, where I bought some sweet wine coolers.
On the drive back to the house my hand again played on her thigh. The little mini skirt was so inviting that my hand moved up higher. Lola didn't even flinch.
When we got back to the apartment, Gina was still out. I told Lola to make herself pretty for dinner. I prepared a nice dinner for two, and Lola didn't disappoint. She had on lipstick and eye shadow, framed by her silky blonde hair, and she was still wearing the tight little knit top (I noticed with no bra) and the denim mini skirt. I had a glass of wine and had poured a wine cooler for her in another wine glass. We clinked glasses. "To us," I said, looking into her eyes romantically. Throughout dinner, I kept telling Lola how beautiful her eyes were (absolutely true) and kept filling her glass with wine cooler. I also openly stared at her little breasts, letting her see how much I was enjoying them and most likely the first time in her life she was aware that a man would be attracted to her body.
Cleaning up after dinner was fun. We joked and fooled around. She couldn't reach the upper shelves on the cabinet, so we made a game of having me put my hands on her sides and lifting her up to put each glass and dish away. As I would bring her back to the floor my hands would slide up to her arm pits, and I would give her tickles. My hands also briefly brushed across her chest a number of times.
There was still no sign of Gina, and frankly I didn't much care at this point. There was a good chance she would not be coming back tonight, and if she did she would be too drunk and tired to know the difference.
I told Lola to put on her new nightie and that we would watch the movie together in her new bedroom. While she got ready for bed, I tried to turn the sofa in my study into something of a bed by bringing in sheets and pillow cases. I also changed into a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants with nothing on underneath. I set up the TV and VCR so we would be watching the movie from the bed sofa. I also got Lola another glass of wine cooler.
Lola looked spectacular in the new negligee. It was a "baby doll". A short, flirty little thing. It had sort of an elastic waist which created more of a little dress effect for a girl with very little in the way of hips. The hem came about halfway across her bottom and the baby doll had a matching pair of string bikni panties that tied at the sides with ribbons. It had a scoop neck; Lola didn't have any cleavage, but if she leaned forward, the scoop would open up revealing her chest underneath. It was pink , translucent, and silky to the touch. I told Lola that she looked beautiful and she sort of blushed. I patted the bed sofa next to me and she cuddled right up to me letting me put my arm around her with no resistance, just trust and pleasure in my company.
We got nice and comfy and watched the movie. I had seen it before and knew it was the perfect movie to get a young girl in the mood. I didn't hurry anything with Lola. My hand on her shoulder, gently stroked her arm, her hair, and at times rested with my fingertips touching the scoop neck of her nightie. She rested her hand on my thigh. I had a glass of wine and she had a fresh glass of wine cooler. As we watched the movie and it got hotter I allowed my fingertips to travel down to rest on and play with her nipple. As I was just wearing a pair of sweatpants without underwear it wasn't long before I got a good sized erection that stood straight up just inches from where Lola's hand was resting. Her hand creeped slowly along my leg until finally the back of her hand was resting against my erection, but she couldn't make the move to actually hold or touch it.
Midway through the movie I got up to refill our wine glasses. When I returned to the bed sofa I positioned myself in a sitting position directly behind Lola so my legs were on either side of her and she could rest the back of her head against my chest. It also meant that my erect cock was now pressed against the small of her back and my hands were free to wander on her body. I massaged her shoulders and scratched her back a bit. I stroked her hair, her arms, her tummy, and worked my way to touching and then playing with her breast mounds. The whole time I was breathing in the intoxicating smell of her freshly shampooed hair. I didn't want to move too fast so didn't make a move to get my hands inside her panties. I was being sexual but not moving to actually have sex. I was pleased, though, that Lola made no move of resistance whatsoever and seemed very much to be relaxed and enjoying being held and touched. It felt as though I could have done anything and she would go with the flow.
When the movie ended, I tucked Lola into the bed and sat on the bed. I told her how happy I was that she was staying with us and how much I wanted to be a good daddy to her because I knew she never really had a daddy in her life. I kissed her goodnight, just a little tongue this time. Then, I lightly rubbed and scratched her back until she fell asleep. I went to the living room to finish the bottle of wine and watch some more TV.
Gina came back home drunk as a skunk about an hour later. Since she was already loose and I was pretty worked up myself at that point I pulled her into the bedroom and we began having great noisy sloppy sex. At one point I was fucking Gina doggy style on the bed and I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw Lola standing in the doorway of our bedroom watching us. Knowing I had an audience I put on a bit of a show really putting Gina through the paces until she passed out. I usually keep fucking Gina after she passes out; in fact, that's my favorite way to fuck her. But this was a special night. I pulled out, went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up a bit. By now, I had been building up sexually all day and all night but had not orgasmed yet. I didn't want to waste my orgasm on Gina tonight. Lola was the one that had me totally turned on. I hadn't thought she was reachable sexually so soon, but seeing her in the doorway changed all that.
I now stood in her doorway. Naked. My cock erect. She was back on the bed sofa pretending to be asleep, pretending not to notice me in her doorway as I had pretended not to notice her standing in mine about 10 minutes earlier. From the bathroom light at the end of the hall I could see a bit into the room, enough to see that she had positioned the sheet and blanket so that her legs and bottom were exposed. Lola was lying on her tummy and her little bottom was peaking out from the bottom of the baby doll nightie gift wrapped in the matching pink translucent string bikini panties tied with the ribbons on the sides.
I sat on the edge of Lola's bed. I put my hand on the back of her thigh and started a light circling motion. I knew she was awake, but she didn't know that I knew and she continued to pretend to be asleep. But she began a little wiggling of her bottom. It was so cute, so inviting. I allowed my hand to brush her bottom. She spread her legs a bit and began a little moaning sound. My hand now was massaging her bottom, her lower back, the back of her thighs. Lola's bottom wiggling was becoming more and more active. My hand slipped down the waistband of her panties and my middle finger pressed into the cleavage of Lola's pretty little bottom. My finger massaged her little girl asshole.
By now, Lola was rotating and gyrating her little hips. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Daddy loves his little girl. Daddy loves Lola." Lola's little hand gripped my leg. My hand moved lower so that my wrist was now continuing the massage of her anus as my fingers were reaching her sweet little pussy. Lola's hand moved up my leg and her fingers clutched my erect cock. She just held it in her firm grip. She didn't know to stroke it or to do anything but just hold onto it as I brought her to a shuddering orgasm with my fingers.
I lay down beside her. I stroked Lola's hair and kissed her face and told her how much I loved her. She "woke up," turned, and kissed me. Passionately. She explored my mouth with her tongue. Lola became the aggressor. Lola was hungry for me. She dug her fingernails into my chest, she bit my lip, she got on top of me. She had turned into a hungry little slut. I untied the ribbons that held her panties in place and let it drop off. Lola on top of me lowered herself onto my cock and penetrated her tight virgin pussy with my cock. I kept holding back. Lola took the lead. She was hungry, desperate for it. Lola used me to penetrate herself and she moved up and down, in and out, at first slowly and then faster and faster until she came yet again.
After she orgasmed and fell exhausted on my chest, I eased Lola face down on the sofa. I swiveled out from under her, and beheld her, face down, and gazed at her little bottom and marveled at my good fortune. I lowered myself so that my throbbing cock rested in the cleavage of her bottom. I lifted her baby doll nightie off, not wanting to stain it. I stroked several times and then sprayed her with a load of cum that spurted and drenched all the way to her shoulder blades. I found one of my t-shirts nearby and wiped her back, tucked her back in under her sheets and blanket.
I leaned down and kissed the crown of her head. "Welcome home, my baby," I whispered in Lola's ear. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.